EIS Data

10/22/2009 10:31

Meredith Dohmen, counselor at King, has provided us with detail directions for accessing data in Infinite Campus. Please see the attached file.

Also, don't forget to attend our first Program Implementation Work Session - "Working with EIS Data to Design a Closing-the-Gap Intervention." This voluntary work session will be held at Plymouth Church-Waveland Hall from 2:00-3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 27th.  K-12 Cadre members will be available to help you work with your EIS data and section 11 of the Program Implementation binder. 

See you there, and don't forget to bring your building data!


Accessing EIS & Attend Behav Achiev Reports in IC.doc (25,5 kB) (link doesn't seem to be working. I will try to get this fixed, but for now, here are the directions.)



Directions for Accessing Data in Infinite Campus


EIS Report:

At top, make sure current school year and your building are selected at the top

Left side, Index tab selected

Click on Reporting Services

Click on Early Indicator Reports

Click on Elementary Early Indicator Report or Secondary Early Indicator Report

Next screen: Select your school from the drop down list and click View Report.


For details of attendance, behavior, achievement reports:

Note: This is a starting point to show you how the reports work. Once you know how to run these, feel free to play around and see what else of value you can find.


Always make sure current school year and your building are selected at the top

Left side, Index tab selected

Click on Data Reports

Select one of the following buttons for what data you are looking for:


“Assessments” (ITBS scores, etc.)

·         To pull ITBS scores: Select button for “Reading Comp by NPR” or “Math Total by NPR” depending on which area you want to look at first.

·         Select your school from the drop down menu.

·         Select the Grade level from the drop down menu on the right.

·         Enter low cutoff: that is the highest score you want to see on your list. Use 40 if you just want non-proficient students as proficient is 41 and it will include whatever score you enter. If you want all scores, enter 99.

“Behavior” (Office referral details)

·         Under the “Student” column, select “Number of Referrals” button

·         Select your school from the drop down menu

·         Select low count cut-off from drop down (leave at none if you want to see all). Select current school year. Click on “View Report” button.

o   This report will generate a list of students with numbers of referrals and show a chart to the right of Red, Yellow, and Green Zone and # of students in each zone.

“Attendance” (I currently show no buttons under this list, but anticipate they will be coming).